NEW: Google Links To Apps Not Pages, When Searching For Musicians On Android

Google logo plain featured Are you into your mobile apps?  Are you into your music?  Google has introduced the ability for users to search for musicians on Android devices, which will then have apps with the desired information open up, instead of a mobile web page.

At this point, this new feature has been integrated into Google Search, and will work with these apps:

  • Google Play
  • YouTube
  • iHeart Radio
  • Spotify
  • TuneIn
  • Rdio

As cool as this feature would be with a myriad of different types of searches, this only works with musicians.  You can search for the musician themselves, and it would work, but if you tried searching for a song or album, and nothing would come up.  As cool as this sounds, unfortunately, this makes the feature quite limited to what you could search for.

There also seems to be some inconsistency as well with the feature.  If you searched for Katy Perry, links for her would show up when searching using the search box widget on a Samsung Galaxy S5, but didn’t when doing a search directly from Chrome.  The link that would take you to the YouTube page launched correctly, but the Google Play Music link wouldn’t load Google Play Music, period.  But it loaded fin on a Nexus 10.

For the original source, as well as more information on the bigger picture, check out the link below.

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