study-763571_960_720Today, the team at Stone Temple Consulting published a new ranking study that shows links may be even more important than other studies have shown in the past.

Granted, other studies have been released by Moz and Search Metrics, and each shows links are very important, but according to the Stone Temple Consulting study, they’re more important from a statistical stand point.

In the new study, it was stated that there is a “near-perfect correlation” between ranking highly in Google and the links pointing to that page.  Stone Temple Consulting aggregated the count of links by ranking position for the top 50 results across 6,000 search result pages.  In the study, it showed that there was a near-perfect correlation between links and rankings.  Three different statistical models were used in the study when analyzing the results.

There are some who believe that links have been a declining ranking signal, but in this study, the opposite is shown.

Eric Enge, the CEO of Stone Temple Consulting said,

“If your content isn’t competitive in relevance and quality, links won’t help. If it is, links will make the difference.”

To read up on the study, you can check out over here.

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