An announcement by Google shows that the company has added an option in the new Google Search Console for “security issues.”  In this new section, you’ll be able to find out if Google finds any security issues with your site, such as hacked URLs, malware, deceptive pages, harmful downloads, among many others.

This feature was originally found in the old Google Search Console, and can now be found in a new section along with Manual Actions named “Security and Manual Actions.”

There are security issues problems that Google found on the verified site that could potentially cause harm to others.  These issues include:

  • Social Engineering (Phishing and Deceptive Sites).
  • Malware infection type: Server configuration.
  • Malware infection type: SQL injection.
  • Malware infection type: Code injection.
  • Malware infection type: Error template.
  • Cross-site malware warnings.
  • Hacked type: Code injection.
  • Hacked type: Content injection.
  • Hacked type: URL injection.

There are more details on these specific issues over here.

The following screenshot came from Google and shows an example of what the section can look like.

To find this new section, you can log in to Google Search Console.  On the left side navigation, you can scroll down to the Security and Manual Actions section.  When you’re there, you’ll find Manual Actions and Security Issues.

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