In an announcement by Google on August 21, the company is rolling out a link report within the new Google Search Console.  This report will consolidate the functionality of the “Links to your site” and “Internal Links” reports on the old Search Console, Google said.

The following screen shot is of the tool showing you your external links sorted by “top linked pages” and “top linking sites.”

Source – Search Engine Land

In order to access this tool, you need to do it at  Some have not yet been able to access this page yet, so keep checking back to see if you have access to it.

Google has added a link to the help document for this new report, and has said that this report is “more accurate than the old Links to your site report.”  The company felt that an explanation was needed, so that people would know that a drop in links from the old to the new report doesn’t mean that Google is seeing fewer links to their site.  Basically, this means that the new report is more accurate.

Google wrote, “As a result, the values in the new report may be lower, but this does not indicate a drop in links, but rather a more accurate and secure way of reporting them.”

In addition, Google explained the types of data you can now get in the links report:

  • Top linking domains (Which sites link to me the most).
  • Top linked pages (Which are my top linked pages from other sites).
  • Which are my top linked pages from a specific site?
  • Top linking text (What link text points to my site).
  • What are the links from a specific site to my page.
  • What are the top sites linking to my page.
  • Top linked pages (Which of my pages is linked the most from within my own site).
  • Which of my pages links to my page.

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