New: Google Search Console Fetch & Render Shows Severity Of Blocked Resources

Google g logo 2015 1920 800x450This morning, Google added a new feature to the Google Search Console that shows the “severity” of blocked content within the Fetch & Render tool.  This feature now shows you how important it is that a resource (image, script, CSS file, JavaScript file, etc) is being blocked, and can be found in the blocked resources section of the fetch and render tool.

There are three warning levels of “severity,” including High, Medium and Low, for each resource that is blocked.  Ultimately, the goal is to make sure that you’re not blocking any resources from GoogleBot, or at the very least, has a low severity status.

The following image, taken by  in his account, shows that most of the resource warnings that are blocked are low and from third-party ads or scripts on the site:

Google blocked severity screen shot large 1447159736

Google’s John Mueller said on Google+, where he announced this feature, that blocking resources “sometimes plays a big role in how Google’s able to render & index a page for search.”

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