New and Improved Custom Reports Added to Moz Analytics

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Moz-logoIt looks like there’s something new abound for Moz Analytics!  Miranda Rensch, a Product Manager at Moz, has announced that Moz Analytics has been updated with some new custom, automated reporting.  Now, this feature was something that was already around with PRO, but in this version, there are some pretty nifty upgrades that Miranda would like to show us.

In this article, Miranda is going to go through a quick walk-through that will show off the new custom reports and the things you can do with them.  Aside from additions to the custom reports, there are some other new stuff to be found in Moz Analytics, including some updates to crawl diagnostics, keyword opportunities improvements, and some Fresh Web Explorer alerts.

What’s more, is that there are other things coming down the pipeline for Moz Analytics that could be pretty cool once these new things have come to completion.

To read the full report on the improvements and what else is in store for Moz Analytics, check out the full report with the link below:

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