The New Link Building Survey 2014 – Results

Link building We all love surveys, no?  Well, we all love survey results at least, especially when it pertains to something we are all interested in, or an industry field we are involved in.  Moz has done a number of surveys in the past, and they have given us a good amount of data that many of us could, and probably have, used.

Last year at about this time, Moz put out the results of their Link Building survey, and it seems that people found them to be quite a positive thing to behold.  To keep up with the good feelings, Moz has once again released this Link Building survey as not a single time thing, but as an annual series.  The idea is to see how SEO is developing and evolving as time goes on.

Link building is quite important to the industry of SEO, and even though a number of people say that this part of the SEO strategy is dead, there is still a good amount of importance placed on link building because in order to survive at  organic search, you still need links.  This is why Moz did this survey.

If you want to check out the results of the survey and how important link building is to the industry, you can hop on over to Moz.com and check out the survey results, or just click on the link below to go straight to the post, which was created by James Agate.

Moz Blog: The New Link Building Survey 2014 – Results