New Moz-Builtwith Study Examines Big Website Tech and Google Rankings

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BuiltwithWouldn’t it be cool to know all the littlest details about your website?  Like if you could break down every little piece of the site into a list of everything that the site was made of.  If the site is a WordPress site, it’ll let you know.  If your site has a shopping cart widget, it’ll let you know.  All it takes is a handy dandy tool called BuiltWith.com.  With BuiltWith, you can tell what sort of content delievery network the site is utilizing.  You want to know what sort of document information a site has?  Check it out with BuiltWith.

Well, wouldn’t it be great if you could use it on a competitors’ website?  It’s possible!  You could figure out everything that a site has that is built into it that is making it run.  This way, you could have a field day figuring out what is behind the big current of some of your biggest competitors.

Cyrus Shepard has written a post for Moz that centers around BuildWith and Moz’s website data collection efforts in order to understand how they rank in Google’s search results.  In short, it would be interesting to see what you would get if they combined the data sets.  What technologies were being used by over 180,000 websites?  What technologies correlated with Google’s rankings?  A study was conducted by Moz to figure this stuff out.

Read about the full study on Moz.com by following the link below:

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