New Report Highlights the Rise of Social Media Shopping (Infographic)

Thanks to two years worth of a pandemic, both eCommerce and social media has really gotten to be a pretty big thing, at least bigger than what they were before COVID hit the scene. Social media has really gotten into things by providing more direct buying options in-stream, and even helping people get the items they want without needing to get up off the couch, let alone the house.

Despite the fact we’re two years in, is it true that consumers are more comfortable with providing their payment details direct to each platform, as well as with in-stream shopping in general?

according to the latest research from The Influencer Marketing Factory, which surveyed over 1000 US consumers in early December last year, it seems more people are, in fact, getting more comfortable with shopping through social media.

You can check out the infographic summary below, while you can download The Influencer Marketing Factory’s full report here.

Insights into consumer shopping behaviors in social apps

Source – Social Media Today