New Study Looks At The Most Effective LinkedIn Post Types In 2022

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LinkedIn started out as nothing special, especially compared to all the other social networking market but quickly became the platform of choice for linking professionals around the globe. Originally Launching during the social-networking craze, competition was fierce for the small company in Mountain View, California.

But now, LinkedIn is shining like a star as the platform is seeing ‘record levels’ of engagement, with nowhere to go but up. Brands have been noticing the uptake in this engagement and are climbing aboard to take advantage of these record levels.

What’s working on LinkedIn and how do you take advantage of it? What should you focus on regarding the content you put on the platform?

Socialinsider recently worked with Cloud Campaign to get some insight by analyzing 141,000 LinkedIn posts and found that native documents generated 3 times more clicks than any other type of content. They also noticed that videos performed as well.

Check out the full research here.

Source – Social Media Today