New Study Shows Original Content Reaches More People on Facebook

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Facebook-iconYou’ve been busy with trying outreach strategies for your original content, right?  A recent study was done that stated that people who posted their content on Facebook news feeds experienced the greatest value when compared to other venues of content sharing.  But it seems that Facebook has been busy decreasing the importance of status updates.  Because of all the changes that are occurring in the Facebook news feed, there are a number of brand managers who are wondering how they will keep on top despite all the changes.

Naturally, it was a good idea to find out what sort of changes were made, so Moz decided to dig in and check it out.  They wanted to find a philosophy that would help brand managers stay ahead of all of the content changes.  Thousands of Facebook pages were analyzed and monitored with a tool called EdgeRank Checker.  What was found was interesting.  Facebook released a blog that said status updates from pages are less engaging than status updates from friends.

A Moz Blog post was written by Chad Wittman that goes further into detail on the Facebook study and the changes that are occurring with the Facebook news feeds.  To check it out, you can follow the link below for more detail.s

Moz Blog: New Study Shows Original Content Reaches More People On Facebook

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