New Title Tag Guidelines & Preview Tool

Redesign On the web, you will always see redesigns.  You may see a redesign how certain websites look, act, and deliver the content you are searching for.  It’s just a fact of digital life.  As more ideas come along, features will become developed and things will inevitably change.  But some changes don’t seem all that huge on the surface as they appear.  Google seems to be the master at these sort of changes.  They may seem small, but they can have huge impacts.

Google has recently done a (yet again) SERP redesign that doesn’t really seem all that deep.  But in Dr. Peter J. Meyers’ opinion, there could be at least one change that could really be big for SEOs.  What could this change be?  It all has to do with title tags.  Dr Meyers’ post is going to explore how this title tag redesign, all the while creating a new data driven length limit.

To read up on Dr Meyers’ full post on the title tag redesign, follow the link below.

Moz Blog: New Title Tag Guidelines & Preview Tool