twitter-logoIf you’re a Twitter user, I’m sure you’ve seen all of those Promoted Tweets being display all the time through out your feed.  To some, it’s just a minor issue, and to others, it’s certainly more annoying.

There is some news that has come out recently about a change in Promoted Tweets.  Now, before everybody gets excited, Twitter isn’t getting rid of the Promoted Tweets all together (although to the average user, that would be great it they did) Twitter has decided to remove the yellow badge from its main ad unit, making the Promoted Tweets a bit more subtle.  Even though this isn’t getting rid of these ads, at least it won’t be so obvious.

A Twitter spokesperson came out to Marketing Land and told them that the change started rolling out today on both the web and mobile devices globally.  The overall intention of this change is to make Promoted Tweets blend more seamlessly with Twitter content, although it will still be clearly labeled as advertising.  The purple bade for political Promoted Tweets will remain unchanged.  Yellow badges will continue to be displayed with Promoted Trends and Promoted Accounts.

Below is the before and after:



And here’s the after:


By making this subtle change in Twitter ad labeling, it makes things more inline with some of its social media competitors who are using text to call attention to in-stream ads.

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