The SEO industry, yesterday morning, has been watching an unconfirmed Google ranking update that appears to be targeting more of the link quality aspects of the overall algorithm.  As a joke, Gary Illyes of Google suggested that all updates be named “Fred.”

There’s been more chatter and reports of changes being seen from within the “black hat” SEO community, which means that update was focused on spam links.  It was back in early February when it was last reported by Search Engine Land about a spam-related update.  The update was unconfirmed by Google.

There was a large content quality Google update that happened on February 7 that wasn’t confirmed.  Not surprisingly, Google typically doesn’t confirm algorithm updates these days.  Does that mean that people won’t be reporting on large shifts i the search results that convey an algorithm update?  Of course not.

There are a number of automated tracking tools that currently show significant volatility and fluctuations, which usually is an indicator of an update.  There’s a good change that there was a Google update, since there is quite a bit of industry chatter, and with webmasters complaining about ranking declines and rejoicing about ranking increases.

At this point, we have the typical lines from Google from Garry Illyes and John Mueller that Google makes updates all the time.

Until there is an update from Google, you can read about the chatter and ranking speculation over here.

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