As we look out at the horizon that is 2019, there looms all of this technological advance and possibility.  This could be a very exciting planning season for marketers.  Consumer experiences, artificial intelligence and a granularity in tracking that were futuristic hopes not long ago are now commonplace — even expected.

Google is taking the lions share of the search market, as 88 percent of North American consumers turn to the search giant to answer their every need.  The increased number of queries are expressed by voice, on mobile, or both.

How consumers ask for information is changing.  Not only that, so are their expectations as to what they expect for results.  74 percent of shoppers report that text-only search results are insufficient for finding the products they want.  These days, consumers want rich visual results, as well as personalized recommendations.

With all these new things coming around, SEO has become something of a new world once again.  Where should you set your sights on that 2019 horizon?

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