Happy New Year you SEO fans you!  I hope you guys had a great, fun, and safe time!

During yesterday and today, who, out of all of you Googlers out there, have been to Google.com?  Have you noticed anything in particular with the newest Google logo?  No? Maybe?  Well, for those of you who hasn’t noticed, the logo on December 31 showed that 2013 was dancing the night way under a shining disco ball.


But now, on January 1, there seems to have been a small change to the dance line up.  I’m sure you may have run over to Google.com before you even finished reading this sentence, didn’t you?  Either way, you’ll now notice that the 3 in 2013 has now decided to come down off the dance floor, only to be replaced by 4!

Yup!  Now instead of 2013 dancing “like it just don’t care”, 2014 is now getting down!

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