google-thumbToday, Google announced some updates to the Now on Tap feature for Android, which makes it possible to see more information about a selected word, phrase, or photo.

Before the updates where released, the Now on Tap feature  let you see more information about things that you were looking at on your phone screen.  Now, you have access to even more information on a selected word or phrase within an email, chat or news article.

Here’s what Google said on its Inside Search Blog, “For example, if you’re reading a news article you can select a specific word, like crustacean, and get a definition and links to relevant apps.”


You can even use Now on Tap with an image search.  All you have to do is touch an image and the home button simultaneously.  This feature will work across all apps, not just within the image search or your Google photos.  A nice practical part of the feature is that you can even use it via your camera app in real time.

“If you’re standing in front of the Bay Bridge, you can hold up your phone, open your camera app, touch and hold the home button, and get a helpful card with deep links to relevant apps,” writes Google product manager Aneto Okonkwo.


If you’re wondering when you can use this version of the Now on Tap feature, wonder no further, as Google says that the latest update is available wherever you use Now on Tap.  Keep in mind that the “word select” feature only works in English currently.  Other languages are planned to roll out during the coming weeks.

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