Last week, we got a look at the top smartphone apps of 2015 by Nielsen, and surprisingly, or perhaps not, the top ten reflects properties of only three companies – Facebook, Apple and Google.

According to Nielsen, smartphone penetration grew to 80 percent in the US at the end of the third quarter.  comScore data shows penetration at about 78 percent.

The top two mobile apps of 2015 on the Nielsen list is YouTube and Facebook.  Facebook Messenger hit number 3, and the other four apps were all Google: Gmail, Play and Maps.


Over this last year, Facebook Messenger had the highers year over year growth at 31 percent.  Apple Music grew the most, despite the fact that it was launched just this year.

The image below is comScore’s most recent top 15 list of apps.  Their list is certainly a bit different from Nielsen’s list, as the list includes Pandora, Yahoo Stocks, Twitter and Amazon.


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