holiday-marketingMarketing, you could say, is in a way, competitive in nature. You have to be creative and do what you can to out perform your competitors and win the marketing wars.

If you would call it a war, that means that Nintendo has won the holidays, according to television and video analytics firm, Ace Metrix.  Based on the numbers collected by Ace Metrix, the gaming company’s “Dad Loses” ad scored 23.2 percent over the norm for other ads in its category.

Here’s Nintendo’s ad: savings-conscious “Paid to Shop” ad came up second to Nintendo, and Mazda’s inspirational ad, Braeden’s Story came in at third.  Check them out below:


500 TV viewers were surveyed by Ace Metrix so that they could rate holiday themed ads that aired between September 1 and December 15.  Everyone surveyed where asked to score the ads on creative attributes, such as persuasion, likability, information, attention, change, relevance, desire and watchability.

All of the ads are available for viewing here.

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