If a successful AdWords campaign was a house, search volume would be the foundation.  If you’re bidding on a keyword that gets 10,000 searches every month, and you have a 5 percent CTR, a 10 percent conversion rate and a 20 percent close rate, you should be able to get about 10 sales a month from that keyword.

Better ad copy, landing pages or sales tactics can improve those numbers.  But realistically, you only have 10,000 searches per month to work with.

It’s not a problem if the keyword is getting thousands of searches every month, but what if the keywords that you want to target are getting far less than that every month?

If your keyword is getting only 100 searches a month, instead of 1000 every month, with that 5 percent CTR, 10 percent conversion rate, and 20 percent close rate, you’re getting one sale from that keyword a year.  That’s a huge difference.

What can make numbers like that hurt even more is if you’re running an effective campaign on a keyword that gets a hundred searches a month.  In several low-search volume campaigns, you could be running where an unproven campaign on keywords with less than 20 searches a month.

If you’re a niche business, or you want to get clicks out of high-value long-tail keywords, what should you do?

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