google-adwords-gradient1-1920Back in April of this year, there were some search marketers (a small percentage of them) who received notices from their Google reps that AdWords was changing.  During this time, Google had eliminated right-rail ads, and the result was that people were getting nervous.  After the release of the expanded text ads announcement, it made the SEM industry go crazy.

Well, , now that the expanded text ads have been fully released to all AdWords accounts, we are past the initial shock of this situation.  Now that the dust has settle, what now?

Depending on the point in time when you were granted access to expanded text ads, you would probably be in one of the three stages of implementation:

  1. Plan creative rollout.
  2. Determine creative purpose.
  3. Iterate and optimize.

In an article written by , he outlines these three stages toward optimization and provides some helpful thoughts on approaching each one.  Check out the following link to the rest of Jason’s post on the subject below!

Search Engine Land: The dust has settled on AdWords expanded text ads. What now?