google-adwords-redwhite-1920It looks as if Google has finally removed the expiration time for emails to remain on a Customer Match List in AdWords.

AdWords customers have been alerted by Google when they log into their accounts that the previous 180-day limit have been removed, and that all of their customer match lists that were previously set to 180 days have been updated to the new “No Expiration” setting automatically.


What does this change mean?  In short, advertisers will allowed to serve campaigns for reorders and upsells beyond 180 days, retarget customers seasonally, and other strategies that either require or depend on longer cycles than just 180 days.

This is the alert that AdWords users logging in will see:

Customer Match membership duration extended
The maximum length of time a customer can stay on a Customer Match list has changed. Membership no longer needs to expire for these lists, and all lists using the 180-day maximum have been updated to the new setting.

adwords-customer-match-extensionCustomer Match was first launched last fall, which let advertisers upload existing customer email lists and ultimately target them with ads on Google searches, Gmail, as well as YouTube.