Offices No Longer Needed…Why My Marketing Firm Is Better Than Yours!

Check out this great article on Forbes.com, which supports Thrive Business Marketing’s goal of staying virtual.


Thrive currently has four (4) co-op locations where we meet with clients or employees when needed. Otherwise we’re completely virtual! And here’s the kicker… we have happier employees and employee families, as a team we spend approximately 90 fewer hours per week commuting, and studies show that our team:

• Happily and voluntarily works 10 – 12% more hours each week

• Spends an average of 35% less time during the day chit-chatting with co-workers, taking coffee breaks, etc. (that’s as much as 2.8 hours wasted every day in a normal office setting)

• Is, on average, 15% more productive with their work time – and produces higher quality work than their cubicle dwelling counterparts.

As for collaboration and creativity?? Um.. that’s what Skype, Webex, Google Hangouts, and other tools are for (not to mention the co-op office space if we really need to feel each other’s physical presence). What about human interaction? That’s the beauty of it… meet up to work at a coffee shop, join forces at one of the co-op offices, have a work party at your house – or your co-workers house.

Need a change of scenery to get those creative juices flowing? Do your work from a country café, find a little table at a busy city corner coffee shop. Or be bold and head to the mountains or the beach for a day or two. This is the beauty of the world of technology and connectivity we live in today – there are very few limits.

Finally, we can truly work AND enjoy life at the exact same time. Amazing isn’t it?