There have been users who have been spotting a new ad label on Google search ads over the last few weeks.  Rather than a solid green background, the new lael has a green outline and white background.

Sightings have increased over the past several days, and confirmation was sent to Search Engine Landd from Google that the new look is rolling out globally.

From a Google spokesperson to Search Engine Land on Wednesday:

“We routinely test potential improvements to the look and feel of our search results page. After experimenting with a new search ad label with a green outline, we’ve decided to roll it out. The new ad label is more legible and continues to make our results page easier to read for our users with clear indication of our ad labeling.“

There is a long history of Google testing out new labels for ads in the search results.  The solid green label lived a relatively short life, which rolled out globally in June of 2016.  At the time, Google  said the switch to green from a the bright yellow background was intended to streamline the number of colors on the page, particularly for mobile.  It was stressed by Google that its testing indicated the color change didn’t have any bearing on consumers’ ability to distinguish ads from organic listings on the page.  Similar testing this time is said to basically have the same result.

This new version with the green outlines was originally reported on January 24 in the UK and has been showing in more countries since that time.  The transition will probably take a number of days to complete, so do be shocked if the ad labels you’re seeing are the green background.

Expect an update of our visual history of Google’s ad labeling soon.

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