On Monday, May 8, Google made an announcement saying that the old AdWords interface will be phased out by the endof they year.

Google rolled out the new interface last year to all advertisers and has added new features since then.  Up to this point, advertisers have had the ability to switch between the two version of AdWords.

Although not every feature and report will  come over from the old version, but Remarketing Lists for Search Ads and Google Analytics columns are now available, as is an update to the Keyword Planner that also uses Material Design.


An update to the Keyword Planner is now live.

For some long-term AdWords users, the new interface got a rough reception.  According to the VP of product management, Jerry Dischler in a blog post, he said that the company took the feedback into account and made updates, including the ability to “find features faster with more intuitive icons, hide and unhide paused or removed items, and see more of your performance data by expanding the statistics table.”

Some of the things that will automatically be moved over from the old version of AdWords includes reports, filters and automated rules.

According to Dischler, the accounts aren’t going to be switched to the new interface during November or December, so it could be that the change could happen closer to the end of October.  Regardless of when the changerover occurs, Google will send out email notifications ahead of the switch.

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