How One Marketing Agency Survived Their First Year

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1stSometimes, experience, simply put, is the best teacher.  It doesn’t matter how much advice somebody gives about a particular subject, it, to a point, means nothing without actually going out and doing something for ourselves.  What about dating?  You won’t truly learn without actually going out with somebody.  How about parenting?  All the advice in the world doesn’t equal a good hardy dose of experience.  Ultimately, many things in life is nothing but one big trial by fire.

When you start up your own company, you know that experience will be the one thing that will just kick your butt the hardest.  It won’t matter how much advice on what to do with your company when this or that happens.  If you lose a client because of a seemingly tiny mistake that you made, you’ll certainly be doing your best NOT to make it again with other clients, would you?

Bill Sebald has a boutique SEO agency called Greenlane Search Marketing, LLC, and just like many other companies, he had to go through is trial by fire to see if Greenlane would survive or not.  Originally running an SEO department before starting up Greenlane, running a company all on his own is certainly a different beast compared to just running an individual department.

Bill will take us through his experiences running Greenlane over his first year by telling us about some of the things that he implemented to improve his company from the get go.  These things that he learned, he learned from experience, and he hopes that these experiences will help everyone else in their business endeavors.

To read Bill’s full article on Moz, just follow the link below.

Moz Blog: How Our Agency Survived Year One

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