The One Thing You Need To Know For Google Plus Authorship

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Google_plus_2As I was looking through Moz this morning, I noticed a new YouMoz post written by Samuel Scott that steams from another post written by Dr Pete on January 9.  In the original post by Dr Pete, he spoke about the declining percentage of SERPs that show Google+ Authorship decline.  You guys remember that one?  Even I made mention of Dr. Pete’s post yesterday in a blog post.

As Samuel read the post, he made a comment that stated some WordPress users may overlook a problem if they use the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin.  He even found the exact same problem with some of his own personal WordPress sites as well.  Samuel wanted to make sure that he got the word out there so nobody else is having the same problem.

By following the link below, you can read about the Google+ Authorship and Yoast plugin problem, and then the solution Samuel gives us to help rectify the issue.

Google Plus Authorship: One Critical Thing You Need To Know

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