Online Reviews, Reputation And How To Become Super Credible

Online reputation management like dislike The way we market our businesses these days have definitely changed since the days of the old, such as the Yellow Pages, and simply doing television and radio spots.  With the introduction of online marketing, things really have become different.  But within the last several years, online marketing got shook up yet again with the introduction of mobile search, which has become a boon for local businesses.

Now, it’s possible to get more information on a local business that we never could have gotten from days past.  With the inclusion of personal online reviews, testimonials and social media postings, we can get a much clearer picture of the quality of a company’s credibility.

We all knew that businesses were always going to be competitive, and they are still quite competitive even in this day and age of online marketing.  But what can help tip the scales for rival companies who would normally be neck and neck in a race for the same customer?  Back in the day, it would have simply been word of mouth, whether it was from a friend or family member.  Now, with the inclusion of the internet, positive reputation has become a key factor in determining the one who wins or loses in the race of the competitive edge.

There are studies that confirm that reviews are a trusted and critical and essential component of business generation from local search with as many as 9 out of 10 users referring to reviews before contacting a local business.

In a Search Engine Land post by , we will read about the mindset that we have used with businesses o build the essential credibility that goes beyond basic reviews.  Check out Marcus’ post by following the link I’ve provided below.

Search Engine Land: Online Reviews, Reputation And How To Become Super Credible