A new report from eMarketer shows that a greater than expected number of users are shopping via smart speakers.

Based on the revised estimates, 31 million people in the US are going to shop via a smart speaker this year, up 31.6% from 2018.

It’s predicted that by 2021, 38 million people in the US are going to shop via smart speakers. This breaks down to 4 in 10 US smart speaker users will be utilizing the device’s shopping capabilities.

When we look at actual purchases, 21 million people are going to buy at least one thing using a smart speaker this year. It’s expected that that number will rise to 23.6 million in 2020, and 25.9 in 2021.

Jaimie Chung, eMarketer senior forecasting analyst, says in a report:

“The smart speaker market is showing no signs of stopping, and with increased adoption comes increased use, including shopping…

New users are testing out the shopping-related features of their devices, and early adopters continue to utilize voice to search for products, ask for prices, and more.”

SourceMatt Southern