PenguinWhen Google changes things, it affects everybody.  There’s no getting around it.  If you are using Google simply to search for your favorite baseball team restaurant or store, or you’re using Google to get your business name out there, Google is both the Key Master and the Gate Keeper.  They control everything from the leisure side of things, such as when you are simply searching for something you want to find, to the way you can do business from an SEO side of the fence.

, who contributes to Moz, is the CTO of the company Virante, Inc.  They’ve watched Google grow and evolve into what it is today by watching how they use statistical tools, compared to how things where done in the past.  With the big updates like Penguin and Panda, Google is using algorithms that change the way things work for everybody.  With the understanding of the algorithms that Google employs, Russ and Virante decided to undertake the Open Penguin Data project.

What does the Penguin Project do?  According to their mission statement, the Open Penguin Data project is meant “to leverage the SEO community to build a model of reasonable approximation of the likelihood a site will be flagged by Penguin 2.0 – style updates.

Russ has written a full article about his Open Penguin Data project and put it up on Moz for all to read and check out.

Below is a link that you can click off to find the article on Moz: