Optimizing Your Homepage: 20 Essential Elements to Enhance Your Design (and 5 Elements to Eliminate)

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This should go without saying, but homepage design is important. The homepage serves as the front door of the rest of your website, and represents the first impression for your visitors. This is why it’s incredibly important that any business owner who has a website creates a homepage that captivates and engages your audience from the moment they arrive.

In a compelling article published on Orbit Media Studios, Andy Crestodina delves into the world of homepage best practices. He unveils a treasure trove of valuable insights, presenting 20 indispensable elements that can elevate your homepage design to new heights, drawing users in and guiding them seamlessly through your site. Additionally, Crestodina reveals five common elements that are better off left behind, enabling you to streamline and optimize your homepage for maximum impact.

Below you’ll find a graphic that shows a quick rundown of the information presented on the website.

Here is a quick list of the things that Crestodina recommends you remove from your website:

  1. Slideshows
  2. Social media icons in the header
  3. Pop-Ups
  4. Stock photos
  5. Vague copy

Check out the article here to get all the details!

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