Optmyzr Launches Google Shopping Campaigns Setup Tool

Google shopping campaigns About a week ago on September 1st, the new Shopping Campaigns were unveiled to everybody on Google.  With this new structure, there are a number of new features that marketers are given, and this can certainly be a welcome things.  But sometimes, there is a downside as well.  The setup process of Shopping Campaigns can be a bit of a pain, especially if you are already using the same type of campaign structure across multiple campaigns.  Luckily, Optmyzr knows your pain.  In order to assist advertisers with their Shopping Campaign set up, Optmyzr has launched a tool entitled the Shopping Campaign Splitter.

This marks the second Google Shopping campaign tool in the Optmyzr lineup (Shopping Bidder was the first one), and this allows marketers to define the campaign strucutre of one or more campaigns.  With Optmyzr, you are able to specify how you want your products grouped based on attributes in your Merchant Center feeds.  This way, you don’t have to worry about duplicate product targets being created.  This means no item has to compete with itself.

After determining the campaign structure that you want to use, the tool will import the necessary data from the Merchant Center feed that is linked to Optmyzer.

What’s so nice about Optmyzr is that you are able to assign bids and exclusions more quickly, and you don’t have to worry about overriding existing exclusions and custom bids.  After all, this is really easy to do in AdWords.

The following video is a demo presented by Frederick Vallaeys, the founder of Optmyzr.

Original Source by Ginny Marvin