Advertisers who use Oracle DMP are now able to integrate their first-party data in to Bing Ads to create custom audiences for targeting on the search engine, the companies announced Wednesday.

With this integration, it opens up additional targeting, bidding and messaging strategies that can be specific to what an advertiser knows about the audience being targeted.

As these audiences may even represent more value, advertisers can even bid more aggressively on search performed by users in these audience lists.

Launched as a pilot in June of 2017, Bing Ads Custom Audiences function as a remarketing bucket.  Advertisers can use their own data to create audience segments for ad targeting.  The pilot was initially limited to first-party data from Adobe Audience Manager,with Bing Ads stating that there would be further integrations forthcoming.

“Onboarding first-party data into the Oracle DMP with Oracle OnRamp offers marketers the ability to integrate the data they want to use into their Bing Ads campaigns,” said Joe Zito, vice president/GM of Oracle DMP Strategy, in a statement. “Marketers can seamlessly orchestrate retargeting campaigns and improve Bing Ad targeting accuracy with audience data provided through the Oracle DMP.”

Advertisers are able to contact their Bing Ads or Oracle DMP account reps for additional help with getting started with the Bing Ads Custom Audiences pilot.

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