Oracle_Redwood_City_May_2011_002Recently, Oracle has launched what they describe as the largest B2B audience data marketplace, and is a part of the company’s Data Cloud.  It is offering access to over 400 million business user profiles that are sliced into over 4,000 pre-built audience segments, plus a million US companies with addressable decision-makers for account-based marketing.

With account-oriented segments, they can be based on such criteria as specific enterprise purchases.  Individuals are able to be targeted by parameters, such as job functions or named industry events they’ve attended.

This data comes from sources owned by Oracle, including BlueKai, Datalogix, and AddThiss, as well as B2B data partners like Bombora, Dun & Bradstreet, FullContact, Gravy Analytics, HG Data, Infogroup, Place IQ, and TransUnion.  The provider of Oracle’s predictive analytics is Leadspace.

According to Oracle, the big differentiator is the access to the large amount of B2B data found in one place, with pre-built segments and tools to build others.there are over 200 platforms that is integrated into the Data Cloud, and that includes DSPs (demand-side platforms), DMPs (data management platforms), agency trading desk, ad networks, and publisher exchanges.  In addition to Oracle’s customers, any company that doesn’t employ other Oracle technology will be able to utilize it.

For more information about Oracle’s Data Cloud, check out  post, which can be found here.

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