Microsoft-Edge-Browser-s-Icon-Looks-Strikingly-Similar-to-Internet-Explorer-s-479762-2We know that Internet Explorer has been on its way out for quite a while.  But with the release of Windows 10, more and more people have moved over to Microsoft Edge, as Microsoft chose to make Edge the default browser over Internet Explorer.  The company’s new browser is completely taking over, as Microsoft is deprecating Internet Explorer for all modern platforms.

So why did Microsoft make such a drastic change from IE to Edge?  Billy Hoffman has written an article on where he discusses Microsoft Edge and how it gets rid of some of the issues of cross-browser development.  This makes it easier for SEO professionals to focus on what’s really important – content.  From this point, there isn’t any more need to worry about browser optimization for that content.

In the article, Billy talks about the origins of Edge, why there is improvement through discarding, why Microsoft is imitating the likes of iOS and Android, Edge updating, and the browser’s impact, as well as the future.

Check out Billy’s post by following the link below.

Moz Blog: Goodbye Internet Explorer, Hello Microsoft Edge