Outcomes Of Google’s Pirate Algorithm: Should You Be Concerned?

Google pirate Every time Google rolls out a brand new algorithm update, it seems that there are quite a few people in the SEO world who goes crazy.  But it reminds me of being a student in high school all over again.  Every time there’s a new big project for a class, or a surprise test announced, everybody loses their cool.  But in reality, we know that Google is doing all this for the best, just like those teachers in high school.  All they want for us to do is to do things better.  Create better content, use fewer keywords, create higher quality links, and so forth.

Once Google’s Pirate Update was released back in 2012, which was created to penalize pirate sites, everybody stopped.   Everyone wasn’t really sure what to do.  How severe was the punishment for those running pirate sites?  Are there really any lessons to be learned by other SEOs and marketers?

After several months after Pirate’s most recent update would like to take a look at the impact and make sure everybody understands what’s going on.  After all, we all should be on the same page, right?  This could end up on the test, after all.

To find out what the impact of the newest pirate update, check out Neil’s post on Search Engine Land by following the link below.

Search Engine Land: 9 Outcomes Of Google’s Pirate Algorithm: Should You Be Concerned?