Outdated SEO Concepts People Still Think are Reality

Seo1 You know, there are things out there that people will see or hear and totally believe.  People will hear a story about what happened to the friend of a friend of a friend of a friend and take it as gospel, when it reality, the story of what happened never really happened at the way they told it.  Or what about those stories of Sasquatch that your crazy neighbor keeps talking about that he saw last year up in deep in the forest?  Yeah, it probably really isn’t real.  Your neighbor just believes he saw it and it never happened.

There are some things that people will believe that just aren’t true.  It’s the same way online.  But of course, everything you see online is real, right?  Of course it isn’t!  The bane of all search marketers is old, or even incorrect information that is given to clients at any point that they are still clinging on to.  For Kate Morris, the author of a post on Moz.com called Outdated SEO Concepts People Still Think are Reality, the inspiration of her post revolved around the interaction with client’s co-workers.  The idea behind Kate’s article is not to knock the co-workers, but to let us know that we all need to educate ourselves constantly so we know what’s true, what’s not, and what isn’t true anymore.

There is a bunch of SEO misconceptions out there, and people still talk about them to this day as if they are cold hard facts.  Many of these misconceptions are related to content marketing or online marketing overall.  In Kate’s article, she will bring to light these misconceptions and give you resources to help educate those who are stuck behind them and won’t let go.  These resource will help them let it go.

Below is a link that will take you directly to Kate’s article, so go ahead and give it a look!

Moz Blog: Outdated SEO Concepts People Still Think are Reality