Over 50 SEO Insights From Google’s John Mueller

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John Mueller of Google is a pretty big name in the SEO community. He’s been around for 18 years now, so at this point, it’s easy to say he probably knows a lot when it comes to Google and SEO. Over the years, he’s been sharing a great number of SEO insights with the rest of us so that we are all are more educated on how to rank better on Google.

Mueller has been doing weekly videos where he answers questions from SEO professionals in live Q&A sessions.

Over on Search Engine Journal, Matt Southern has a column that he wrote up where he rounds up 57 different SEO insights that we all can use to make our SEO lives a little bit easier, and our websites better ranking on the search engines. Many of the tips you’ll find there are from John Muller’s office-hours hangouts, as well as key takeaways from his search explainers videos.

Check out the column over here on SEJ!

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