Basic-StructureI’m sure many of you have been there.  You have a PPC account that you’ve either  had for a while, or was being used by somebody else (probably a different agency more than likely) and after getting used to the account, you realize something.

This account just isn’t quite living up to the way you pictured it, mainly because it’s not structured the way you would like it to.

After re-evaluating the account you realize that some, or many, things just don’t seem to be right with it.  Maybe the PPC budget is all wrong and all the money is going to the wrong terms.  Perhaps the keywords are just too plentiful.  This is when  you realize something has to be done.

There is a decision that has to be made, and only two choices stand in your way.  You either have to begin tweaking things across the entire account, or just suck it up and start the entire account over by scratch.

 has written a post for such an occasion called “When Should You Overhaul Your PPC Account Structure?”  Sam looks at these possibilities and talks about the points of each.  He discusses when you should restructure, or simply start over anew.  In addition, Sam talks about the rules you should follow for when you’re restructuring an account.

To see everything Sam is talking about, follow the link below and learn about what to do when dealing with having to change a PPC account: