Yesterday on Twitter, Matt Cutts, Google’s head of search spam, stated that Google isn’t going to be putting out a new update for Google Toolbar PageRank this year.  Cutts would be quite surprised if an update to PageRank happened before 2014.

The last time an update was released, it was back in February of 2013, about 8 months ago.

As many people have seen, support for the PageRank has dropped over the years.  No update in almost a year, no PageRank add-on for Google Chrome, and no add-on that would help show PageRank values.  Could it be that the Google Toolbar PageRank is finally dying, if not already dead?

What’s interesting is that, earlier this year, Google said that PageRank in the toolbar isn’t going to be going away:

If it’s not going away, why aren’t you supporting it Google?

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