bahOk guys!  Here’s a third blog  post today that is Christmas themed!  That’s right!  We only have once a year to do stuff like this, so please come along and enjoy the ride with us!  This time, we are lucky enough to have ourselves an SEM holiday classic, The Christmas Carol!

But instead of Dickens telling us his original version of the tale, we have  telling us his vision of the story!  In his story (or an article if you want to really be a humbug), it’s Christmas Eve, and Director Scrooge is being a, well….a scrooge.  Those in his search marketing department are trying to get a paid search management tool for the holidays, but will Scrooge have it?  No way!

Or will he?

But an old friend comes to pay Scrooge a visit, telling him that he will be haunted by three ghosts of SEM.  What will happen to Scrooge?  Will he relent and be a better SEM Director?  Or will  he stay the same and be “dooooomed”?

Follow the link below to read the full tale of Director Scrooge: