YahooIt was announced by Yahoo that there was going to be some more cuts and changes to their product line, the most notable was the upcoming closure of Yahoo Voices and the Yahoo Contributor Network.

For those who don’t know, the Yahoo Contributor Network was a network of authors that helped to generate content, and Yahoo Voices was where you could find user generated articles.  Both are soon coming to a close, Voices on July 31st, and the Contributor Network by the end of August.  The exact date for the Network wasn’t given.

Any content that was published by Yahoo via the Voices site, as well as other Yahoo properties, such as Yahoo News will be taken off the web.  Granted, there will be some “work for hire” content that’s apart of these services that could remain on the web once they’re shut down.

Here is where Panda comes in.  It was released in February 2011.

The unfortunate part about Yahoo voices was that it also came out in 2011, around the same time as Google’s Panda algorithm, which just so happened to target so-called “content” farms.”  It happened that Voices came out of Associated Content, which was a site that published content that Yahoo purchased back in 2010, and the site was putting out 10,000 new articles every week.  Yeah, you can see the problem from a mile away.  At the SMX West conference in 2011, Associated Content admitted that two-thirds of their content was suffering due to the Panda update.

In late 2011, 75,000 articles were deleted when Yahoo shut down Associated Content and moved everything else over to Voices, hoping things would work itself out.

But, Panda has gotten its way again, and it looks like because of this cute and cuddly looking mascot of Google, the days of mass-produced user-generated content has come to and end.

What other services could be shutting down as well for Yahoo?  Check out their announcement list for more details.

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