bigstock-Thumbs-Up-6010539-493x328What happens when you are selling a product that a high percentage of people in a particular region use, and are happy with, and then you take it away due to a regional lineup change?  You get some pretty ticked off people, that’s what.  But when this happens, is it possible to take something like this and turn it into a marketing win?  Yup!  You can!

In Israel, a large amount of women used Pantene  Perfect Curls cream to help them keep their hair under control.  But due to a lineup change in that region, Pantene had stopped delivering their product.  What was the result, aside from the irritation of not having a product the women couldn’t get their hands on anymore?  They went to Facebook!

The women vented their frustration on a protest group, and found that their irritation had been acknowledged.  Working with ACW Grey Tel Aviv, Pantene worked on a campaign that directly addressed the women’s concerns.  Because of the women’s concern, the brand launched a campaign that would turn their bad hair day into a good day.

How did Pantene accomplish this?  In an article written by  on Marketing Land, you can find out by checking out his full article here.

Marketing Land: Pantene Turns Product Protest Into Marketing Win