Going Virtual

Aventri, an event management software provider, has announced three new partnerships with digital even solutions Digitell, Evia and Intrado Digital. These partnerships will assist people and organizations that have been impacted by the COVID-19 virus who are working remotely, even when they need to continue global business operations. It’s the hopes of Aventri that they can convert events to digital experiences to help businesses carry on during the pandempic.

Source: Aventri

Real-Time Insights and Real-Life Places

Deep North, an AI-powered video analytics provider, has closed a $25.7 million Series A funding round, enabling the company to develop its predictive analytics platform.

With this technology, it will bring digital analytics to physical locations by leveraging existing CCTV footage to understand foot traffic, understand activity and behavior, and help businesses digitize and understand behavior and foot traffic metrics in the physical world.

Source: Source: Deep North

SourceJennifer Cannon