If you know who Bill Gates is and you know the association between the hashtag and Twitter, at least you can say you know some of the basics of the technological world.  But less than half of US adults fully understand what a privacy policy is.  That means that over half of the US population polled knows that when you agree to a company’s privacy policy, your information isn’t always going to be kept confidential.

Back in September, Pew Research conducted a survey among over 1,000 adult internet users.  The quiz featured a number of questions that covered a broad range of internet and technology history literacy.


The survey was meant to be merely for fun, as to celebrate the web’s 25th anniversary.  Despite that, the results of the survey, they still bring to light the misconceptions that people have about certain things, including privacy policies and what happens with personal data, once it is out of your hands.

Here’s the specific question asked about privacy policies in the survey:

When a company posts a privacy policy, it ensures that the company keeps confidential all the information it collects on users:

True: 52%

False (correct): 44%

Did not answer: 3%

There was a recently released Pew survey that showed that most people felt they’ve lost control of their online personal information.  64% want more government regulation of online advertising accordingly.

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