Periscope Slightly Peaks Out Over Meerkat In The Battle Over Real-time Video

Meerkat periscope Have you heard of Periscope and Meerkat?  If you’ve been keeping up with industry news, I’m sure you’ve at least heard of their names.  For a quick recap, Twitter acquired live-streaming app Periscope back in January for a reported $100 million.  Then, only a month later, Meerkat launched.  Quickly, Meerkat built a user base of 500,000 users.  Twitter soon limited social graph access to Meerkat, which stifled the overall livestream experience of Meerkat.  Last week, Twitter officially launched Periscope (it had been in public beta the whole time) – their full-featured official live-streaming app.

So with both of these rivals coming out at about the same time, who’s winning so far?  There is a new article by Quartz written about this rivalry, and according to the article, the results are too close to call, although Periscope seems to have a slight lead over Meerkat due tothe hype around their official launch last week.

Tweets quartz


Once launched, Periscope saw a huge spike, but then began settling down to just a few thousand more Tweets than Meerkat.  Quartz had documented the details with help of Tweet data from Topsy:

Topsy meerkat

What side will you choose, if any?

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