periscope-logo-1920On April 27, the Twitter owned Periscope 1.3.8 live broadcasting platform has added a Sketch feature to their mobile app, as well as made some small changes and improvements as well.

Here’s what the update information gives for Periscope on iOS, “Just tap and hold while LIVE and select Sketch.  You can use the three primary colors, or dropper to pick a color form the live video.”

Periscope has also added improved broadcast statistics.  “We’ve added new viewer and watch time statistics to all broadcasts.  As a broadcaster, you an also see a graph of your viewers over time to find your broadcast’s moments with the most reach.”

Here’s a list of the smaller changes and improvements that have been added to the latest version (This list comes from the iOS version of the update):

  • You can now edit your username from the app.  Just go to your profile and select ‘Edit’.
  • Fixed issues where the sun overlay was flipped on the map.
  • The app now shows a clear error message if Periscope can’t access your Twitter account (which causes Tweets to fail).  If this happens, try re-entering your Twitter password in iOS setting.
  • Added an option in Settings to turn off video stabilization, which could darken broadcasts in low lighting conditions.