As marketers, we live in a saturated digital landscape where brand blindness is normal, and everyday, people are seeing more offers and content in a day than they ever have.  But if there is one common solution, it’s content so relevant that it’s impossible to ignore.

Personalization is something that marketers have been shooting for for years.  It’s something that isn’t easy to achieve.  It’s true that you can build personas and create marketing campaigns for them, but as great as these personas can be, they’re still far too broad to effectively represent an individual’s journey.

There is a point we are reaching where personalization at the individual level is the only way to resonate with an audience, regardless of if that means offering a unique experience, offer or message.

In an IDC White Paper, sponsored by Criteo, and called “Can Machines be Creative? How Technology is Transforming Marketing Personalization and Relevance,” analyst Gerry Brown dug into the top ways marketers were trying to create personalized experiences.

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