Personas: Understanding The Person Behind The Visit

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Customer-buyer-persona-postLook at the title.  Some of you might be wondering what a persona might be in relation to SEO.  To define it, a persona is a method of market segmentation where a collection of qualitative and quantitative data is put together to create an archetype of members of the target audience.  In short, it’s using the data and putting it together to create a story about the collective users, all based on their past attributes and behaviors.

Got it?  Are we all on the same page now?  Good.

A Moz contributor, iPullRank, has felt it important to write a post describing why it’s important to develop and use data-driven personas in search and digital marketing overall.  iPullRank has given us a full article that can give everything that you may want, from a beginner’s stand point, all the way up to an advanced marketers’.

To learn more about these personas and the importance of them, you can check out the article by following the link below.

Article: Personas: The Art and Science of Understanding the Person Behind The Visit

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