Google-Pigeon-updateThere were a lot of discussions going on during the events of SMX, and David Mihm, Adam Dorman and  were there at the Desconstructing Pigeon Panel talking about the algorithm and its affect on the local search engine results pages.

Although there was certainly a good amount of information discussed, one thing that didn’t make the rounds during the panel was why big multi-location brands could have been knocked down a few pegs.  There had been reports that said that there were some big brands losing about 5% to 10% of their organic traffic once Pigeon hit Google.

It seems that Pigeon, according to Google, focuses on:

  • Increased importance of “Web ranking signals” (aka “backlinks”)
  • Increased focus on Location
  • Increased emphasis on Knowledge Graph results

But it could be that this update could have messed up a bit when it comes to brands.  The real insight discussed was that Google may have overdone it on its “brand” algorithm.  Perhaps it is now interpreting incorrectly a good number of search queries as “brand” queries, which in turn is leading to a lot of spam.


To find out more about this situation with Google’s Pigeon update and multi-location brands, check out  post on Search Engine Land.  We may just learn a thing or two about it.

Search Engine Land: Why Did Google’s Pigeon Poop All Over Big Local Brands?